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We are proud to say that each and every patient we have transported over the last 5 years has thanked us for our on-time reliable and friendly service. Our positive feedback comes from not only our patients, it comes from Allied Health, Hospitals and Specialists. 

Why are we different 

Adrenalin calls you the afternoon before travel to confirm a time. Our bus picks you up from your home or hospital. We transport you to your appointment arriving on average 30 minutes before appointment  Adrenalin waits for you to finish your appointment 
We drop you home to your residence . 


The Patients guide to the PTS journey 

1.  Referral 

The patient and clinician need to fill out the PTSS Patient Travel  (Form A) and the PTSS Travel Referral (Form B) to apply for travel, accommodation and patient escort.

2. Assessment

These documents can be submitted to

Online at

or to any Queensland Public Hospital or health facility in person or vial email, fax or post

3. Booking

Once the patient has their appointment date they should contact their local hospital or health facility about travel bookings.  

4. Attendance

The PTSS Appointment Attendance  (Form C) needs to be filled out by the specialist, or a representative, to confirm the patients attendance at the appointment. 

For more information on PTSS, including details on the process for Queensland Health facilities please visit 

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Dedicated to Help

Committed to Care

Patient Transfer